2009 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

Volcanic and Solar Forcing in CCSM4
Caspar Ammann

Slab Ocean Model (SOM)
David Bailey

CAM/CLM Simulations
Gordon Bonan

CRM tests of PBL-based cumulus mass flux closures
Christopher Bretherton

Fast Chemistry Mechanisms for Climate Applications
Philip Cameron-Smith

Radiative Processes for CAM4
Bill Collins

Using High-res. WRF Simulations to Improve Convective Parameterization in CAM
Aiguo Dai

VOCALS cloud and surface flux observations for coupled model evaluation
Simon de Szoeke

What is new in the CCSM4 Ocean Component?
Gokhan Danabasoglu

An overview of recent CAM developments
Cecile Hannay

Stochastic sampling of CAM4 parametric uncertainties
Charles Jackson

Evaluation of CAM candidates for CCSM4 with satellite cloud and radiation datasets
Jen Kay

The CCSM/MICOM based Norwegian earth system model (NorESM): Some results from CAM-Oslo and a first control run
Alf Kirkevag

Weather Forecast Evaluation of CAM4
Stephen Klein

Emissions and chemistry simulations for AR5
Jean-Francois Lamarque

LMWG progress towards CLM4
Dave Lawrence

Model Aerosol Treatment in CAM: Evaluation and Indirect Effect
X. Liu

Improvements in CAM Throughput at Scale
Art Mirin

Evaluation of CAM Track 5 Ice Microphysics Using In Situ Measurements and Satellite Remote Sensing
David Mitchell

Coupled Simulations: Towards CCSM4
Rich Neale

Response to Convective Enhancement of Surface Fluxes in CAM
Rich Neale

Surface Heat Flux Response to SST Anomalies: CCSM3.5+ vs. Observation
Sungsu Park

Phil Rasch

Summary of Candidates, Tradeoffs
Phil Rasch

The Cause of the CAM3 Sensitivity to Increased Vertical Resolution
David Williamson