2009 WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

Using Litter Observations to Evaluate BGC Models
Beth Holland

Gordon Bonan

Land-Atmospheric Coupling Strength
Fei Chen

Recent Progress Related to CLM at the University of AZ
Mark Decker

CLM-Related Research at COLA
Paul Dirmeyer

Quantifying uncertainties in future projections using a perturbed land surface parameter experiment
Erich Fischer

Development of a Soil Depth Estimates for use in CLM
David Gochis

Silvia Kloster

The State of CLM4 (and CCSM4)
David Lawrence

The contribution of snow condition trends to future ground climate
David Lawrence

Modeling Nutrient-Limited Plants Migration in High Latitudes
Eunjee Lee

Update on Ocean BGC Spinup
Keith Lindsay

Water Table Depth Simulations in CLM and the Impact on Soil Memory
Min Hui Lo

Ecological Data Assimilation to Constrain Regional and Global Models
Yiqi Luo

Dust flying leap: dust in a coupled carbon cycle model: CCSM3.1
Natalie Mahowald

Biogeochemical Elemental Cycling (BEC) Model Improvements for CCSM4
Keith Moore

Land Use in the iPETS Integrated Assessment Model: Progress Report
Brian O'Neill'

Tracer uptake in the Southern Ocean
Synte Peacock

Getting Land Cover Change and Land Use into the Community Land Model (CLM 4.0) in preparation for IPCC AR5 climate experiments
Peter Lawrence

International LAnd Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) project
Jim Randerson

CH4 Biogeochemistry and Thermokarst Lake Dynamics in CLM
Bill Riley

Rivers and geomorphic/hydrological implications for permafrost dynamics
Joel Rowland

Approaches for incorporating soil-atmosphere fluxes of H2 and Hg in CLM
Nicole Smith-Downey

Development of a Dynamic Surface Water Component in CLM4
Sean Swenson

Prognostic Land Use and Land Cover Change for a Coupled Climate-Biogeochemistry Model
Peter Thornton

Site-level synthesis of modeled and measured carbon, water, and energy fluxes across North America: Evaluation of model and measuremnt undertainty
Peter Thornton

Projected snow cover changes in the CCSM3 A1B integrations and their influence on the climate
Bob Tomas

Multi-physics Options; model sensitivity and parameters interaction