2010 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

Update and Progress on CAM / Track 5

Welcome, Logistics, and Introductory Remarks

Overview of Where we are with CAM-Track 5
Phil Rasch, Rich Neale NCAR-CGD

CAM-only Development Simulations
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

Current State of CCSM Track 5 Coupled Control Simulations
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

CAM / Track 5 Configuration Updates

Macrophysics, PBL, Shallow Convection
Sungsu Park, NCAR-CGD

Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD-ACD

RRTM / Radiative Processes in CAM
Andrew Conley

Modal Aerosol Model in CAM
Xiaohong Liu

FV Dynamical Core and Filtering
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

CCSM4 Track 1 / Track 5 Comparison and Development Studies

Evaluating Parameterized Variables in CAM along the GCSS Pacific Cross-section
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

An Update on Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART) Capabilities in CAM
Kevin Raeder, NCAR

Resolution Dependencies of CAM Simulations
Steve Klein

Results from an Increased Vertical Resolution Version of CAM
Phil Rasch

High-resolution Hurricane Forecast and Climate Simulations in CAM
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD

Implementation of a Non-hydrostatic, Adaptive-grid Dynamics Core in CAM
Bill Gutowski

An MPAS Dynamical Core for CAM
Joe Klemp, Bil Skamarock

Climate and Climate Sensitivity in CAM

Decadal Climate Prediction using CCSM4
Joe Tribbia, NCAR-CGD

Seasonal Variability of Low Clouds in CAM
Minghua Zhang

Analyzing Climate Sensitivity in Aqua-planet CAM
Brian Medeiros, NCAR-CGD

Mean Arctic Climate and Climate Changes under GHG / Aerosol Forcing

The Role of the Cloud Response in Climate Sensitivity
Sungsu Park, NCAR-CGD

Climate Sensitivity in SOM Experiments
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD, Andrew Gettelman, NCAR-CGD-ACD

General Contributions

Updated Targets and Results for Estimates of CAM Parametric Uncertainties
Charles Jackson

LLNL Climate UQ Project
Don Lucas, Curt Covey

Satellite Remote Sensing of Liquid Water in Cold Clouds for CAM Validation
David Mitchell

The Multiple Plume Approach to Convection using the UW Shallow Convection Scheme
Brian Mapes

Precipitation and Humidity Relationships in Observations and Models
David Neelin

Ideas / Plans for Model Development beyond CCSM4 / CESM1

Unifying Convection
Sungsu Park, NCAR-CGD

Dynamical Core Development
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

High Resolution and Gravity Wave Parameterization
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD