2010 WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

Welcome, Introductions, and State of CLM4
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

CLM Performance and Behavior Coupled in Three GCMs
Paul Dirmeyer, COLA

Urban Model and White Roof Experiment
Keith Oleson, NCAR-CGD

A Simultaneous Heat and Water Transfer Model
Zhenghui Xie, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Snow Albedo Feedback
Paul Kushner, U. Toronto

Glacial Inception
Markus Jochum NCAR-CGD

New Lake Model for CLM
Zack Subin, LBNL

The ‘CLM-DGVM-SEED’: Incorporating a Meteorological Constraint to Plant Migration in the CLM-DGVM
Eunjee Lee, MIT

CLM3.5 with Three Biogeochemical Models under Control and Drought Scenarios in the East-Central Amazon Forest
Koichi Sakaguchi, U. Arizona

Consequences of Afforestation in the Midlatitudes
Abby Swann, UC-Berkeley

Thoughts on Modeling Savannahs
Ian Baker, CSU

Motivation, Global Carbon Project
Jim Randerson, UC-Irvine

20th Century Reanalysis Project
Gil Compo, NOAA

Some Thoughts on Extending and Updating the CLM Forcing Dataset
Aiguo Dai, NCAR-CGD

Update on CCSM4 / CMIP5 Runs
Jim Hurrell, NCAR-CGD

Update on BGC in CCSM4 Simulations
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

BGC in CMIP5 Database
Curt Covey, PCMDI

Historical Land Use Fluxes and Interactions with CO2 and Nitrogen Deposition
Peter Thornton, ORNL

Carbon Only Model, Nitrogen Impact
Gordon Bonan, NCAR-CGD

Methane Emissions Modeling
Bill Riley LBNL

Using CLM to Assess Potential Methane Emissions from Arctic Systems Given Regional Climate Change Uncertainty
Adam Schlosser, MIT

Soil Carbon
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

ARCHY Model and Permafrost Carbon
Bryan Travis, LANL

Future Treatment of Land Cover Change
Johann Feddema, U. Kansas

Prognostic Land Use in CLM from Two Integrated Assessment Models
Peter Thornton, ORNL

Integrated Assessment Modeling: Water Resources and Land Use
Adam Schlosser, MIT

Modeling Spatial Population Scenarios
Brian O'Neill, NCAR-CGD

Wildfire and the Carbon Cycle
Jim Randerson, UC-Irvine, Sylvia Kloster, Cornell

Evaluation of Fire Parameterizations in CLM-CN and its Terrestrial and Climate Impact
Ying Sun, U. Texas at Austin

Dust and the Carbon Cycle
Natalie Mahowald, Cornell

Understanding the Factors Controlling CLM-CN Spinup
Mingjie Shi, U. Texas at Austin

Nitrogen Data
Quinn Thomas, Cornell

Impact of Interactive Ocean BGC on ENSO
Markus Jochum, NCAR-CGD