2010 WG Meeting Presentations | LIWG & PCWG

Sea Ice Simulated by CCSM4
Marika Holland, NCAR-CGD

Mean Arctic Climate and Climate Changes under GHG / Aerosol Forcing

Update on Decadal Predictability Experiments with CCSM4
Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR-CGD

Update on CAM4 Progress
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

Land Model Working Group Update
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Biogeochemistry Working Group Update
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

Coupling of Ice-ocean biogeochemical Cycles in the Arctic with POP-CICE-Ecosystem Model
Meibing Jin, UAF

Support for a Model of Tracer Transport in Sea Ice
Nicole Jeffrey, LANL

Annual CO2 and O2 Dynamics in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Matt Long, Stanford

Quantifying Seasonal Influence of Stratiform Mixed-phase Clouds on Arctic Sea Ice Growth Rates
Gijs de Boer, LBNL

An Ocean-sea Ice Coupled Mechanism for Volcanic-triggered Centennial Sea Ice Expansion
Yafang Zhong, U. Colorado

Climate Response to Future Arctic Sea Ice Loss
Clara Deser, NCAR-CGD

Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Distribution: Modeling and Observations
Wieslaw Maslowski, NPS

A Tracer Study of the Arctic Ocean’s Liquid Freshwater Export Variability
Alex Jahn, NCAR-CGD

Improved Sea Ice Model Diagnostics
Laura Landrum, NCAR-CGD

CCSM4 Documentation
Dave Bailey, NCAR-CGD

General Discussion

Update on CCSM4 Status
Mariana Vertenstein NCAR-CGD

Outline of the European Union’s ice2sea Project: Predictions of the Cryosphere’s Contribution to Sea Level over the Next 200 Years
Tony Payne

The Physical and Aerodynamic Roughness of Sea Ice
Ed Andreas

Improving the Numeral Convergence of Viscous-plastic Sea Ice Models with the Jacobian-free Newton-Krylov Method
Jean-Francois Lemieux

Initial Results from CCSM4 Simulations with a Dynamic Greenland Ice Sheet
Bill Lipscomb

On the Late Saalian Glaciation (160 – 140 ka): A Climate Modeling Study
Flo Colleoni

Development, Spinup Procedure, and Initial Synchronous Multi-millenial Simulations of a Coupled Ice Sheet / Global Climate Model
Jeremy Fyke

Application of a Higher-order Flow Model to Greenland Outlet Glacier Dynamics
Stephen Price

Verification, Validation, and Basal Strength in Models for the Present State of Ice Sheets
Ed Bueler

Metrics for Assessing Ice Sheet Model Performance
Jesse Johnson

Overview of the ISICLES Projects
Kate Evans

Advanced Computational Methods for Large-scale Forward and Inverse Ice Sheet Dynamics
Omar Ghattas

Achieving Textbook Multigrid Efficiency for Hydrostatic Ice Flow
Jed Brown

Initial Modeling Efforts of an Ice Shelf and Progress with AMG Applied to the Extended Finite Element Method
Haim Weisman, Ray Tuminaro

Progress on SEACISM; Initial Solver and Parallel Development
Erin Barker, Trey White

Melting Ice Sheets: Processes at the Surface and Base
Ken Jezek

Surface Roughness as Indicator of Geophysical Change in Greenland Glaciers and Ice Stream; Conclusions from ICESAT and ICEBRIDGE Data Analysis (and model implications?)
Ute Herzfeld

A Simple Parameterization for Subglacial Water Storage, Transport, and Episodicity Validated by Independent Geophysical Observations
Sasha Carter

Freshwater Flux from the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Jakobshavn and Helheim Glaciers
Sebastian Mernild

Coupling Glimmer-CISM to POP using an Immersed Boundary Method
Xylar Asay-Davis

Modeling Ice Shelf Basal Melt with Glimmer-CISM Coupled to a Meltwater Plume Model
Carl Gladish