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CSIM 5.0

CSIM Control Run Output

The Earth System Grid is a data portal where data output from all four CCSM components can be accessed. CCSM3.0 original history files can be downloaded from the NCAR MSS (an NCAR gatekeeper password is required) or post processed data can be downloaded directly from disk. The post processed data includes:

The CSIM post-processed data are monthly averages, with a single variable and hemisphere in each file. The cases run using the high resolution grids (T42_gx1v3 or T85_gx1v3) have 50 years of data in each file, and those using the low resolution grid (T31_gx3v5) have 100 years of data per file. Due to space restrictions, only selected fields from CSIM are available on the ESG:

Variable Name Long Name
aice ice area (aggregate)
hi grid box mean ice thickness
hs grid box mean snow thickness
Tsfc snow/ice surface temperature
u ice velocity (x)
v ice velocity (y)
dvidtt ice volume tendency due to thermodynamics
dvidtd ice volume tendency due to dynamics
daidtt ice area tendency due to thermodynamics
Variable Name Long Name
daidtd ice area tendency due to dynamics
growb congelation ice growth
frazil frazil ice growth
snoice snow-ice formation
meltt top ice melt
meltb basal ice melt
meltl lateral ice melt
Fswdn down solar flux
Flwdn down longwave flux

All fields from the CSIM history files have been post-processed and reside on the NCAR MSS. A table of available CCSM cases can be found here.