Simpler Models

This webpage documents simpler model configurations that are released and supported by the CESM project.  As part of CESM2.0, several dynamical core and aquaplanet configurations will be made available.  The documentation on these web pages provides information on how to use these configurations and applies to CESM2.0 or later releases.  In order to make use of these configurations, users must download CESM2.0 or subsequent releases and guidance on doing that can be found here.  

For questions about the aquaplanet configuration, please contact Brian Medeiros ( and for questions about the dry dynamical core configuration, please contact Isla Simpson (  If you would like to contribute to the development of other configurations, please contact Lorenzo Polvani ( or Amy Clement (

Currently available simpler models

Atmosphere (CAM)

In development simpler models

Atmosphere (CAM)