CCWG Priorities

Near-term plans

Spring 2015

Current Model Development Priorities

  • Improve chemistry and aerosol representation
    • Implementation of FAST-J photolysis scheme, with CLOUD-J, accounting for impact of aerosols on photolysis
    • Evaluation of simple chemistry used in CAM5-MAM4
    • Additon of nitrate aerosol 
    • Improvements to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation
    • Dust speciation
    • Volcanic aerosols
    • Coupling to SNICAR
    • Marine organic aerosols
  • Test CSLAM in Spectral Element dynamical core with chemistry
  • Test couplings of land, biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry
    • Couple fire emissions from land model to atmosphere
    • Add MEGAN emission factors for crops
    • Methane
  • Test chemical representation in CAM5.5 at 1-degree horizontal resolution


Current Production priorities

  • Evaluation of CCMI simulations (free running and specified dynamics)
  • HTAP2 simulations (joint NCAR-Leeds-IASS/Potsdam)
  • Expanded chemistry and SOA evaluations
  • CAM5-chem SD 0.5deg simulations for analysis of field campaigns, etc.